Advocacy Resources

As the recently proposed state budget cuts force difficult decisions to be made in our region, we know the importance of having advocacy resources at close hand. Below are some of the best resources we know of for you to utilize in helping to safeguard the arts programming in your school and district.

PA ArtEd Policy & Law

Urgent - Federal arts budget cuts are impacting our children's access to the arts. Please take action now.

The U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate passed a stop-gap funding measure for FY 2011. Among the programs terminated in recent legislation is the $40 million Arts in Education program (AIE) through the U.S. Department of Education which supports model and professional arts education grants.

Click here to contact Congress to restore arts funding:


- Research on Student Achievement & Arts

John Hopkins University School of Education: Horizons for Learning - Arts Resources
Every Child Needs the Arts: Charles Fowler

- Neuroscience & Arts Brain-Based Research

Neuroscience: Learning, Arts & The Brain: Findings and Challenges for Educators and Researchers from the 2009 John Hopkins University Summit

- Other Research

The Research-Based Communication Tool Kit is a comprehensive document that brings together several components that advocates can use at state and local levels.

- Arts Policy

"In Pennsylvania, the NCLB core content areas include English, Reading/Language Arts, Mathematics, Sciences, Foreign Languages, Music and Art, and Social Studies (history, economics, geography, and civics and government)."

Read more about the Chapter 4 regulations regarding standards in the arts.

- Economic Competitiveness

Making a Case for the Arts and Workforce Development
Can Arts Education Be a Savior to the Economy?
Arts in Education: Economic

- Student Success in School, Work, and Life

- Resources for School/District Leaders

Letter of Arts Advocacy Support to Superintendents
State Superintendents Are Powerful Advocates for the Arts in Education

- State Level Arts Advocacy

State Policymakers' Views on Arts Education

Citizens for the Arts in Pennsylvania

Welcome to the ECS Artscan database
Check out ECS' 50-state database on policies that support the arts in education.

- Advocacy Sites

Below are excellent starting points for your advocacy needs. Both contain numerous links to the resources you'll need to create a strategy to keep the arts alive in your school.

The Keyarts Wikispace - check out the Keyarts wiki for more than just advocacy resources. On this page you'll find links out to articles and websites you can use to support your role in a healthy school system.
Arts Education Collaborative Website - one of the main roles of the AEC in our region is to help with issues of policy and advocacy. Have a look at their website resources to plan your strategy, or contact them directly for support with your arts concerns.
ArtsEDGE: Reaching Out to School Boards - Kennedy Center's resources on how to address your district school board to save your arts.

- Videos

Rally for the Arts