Randi is investigating the teaching of aesthetics using the following books:

Thinking Through Aesthetics by Marilyn Stewart
Puzzles About Art: An Aesthetic Casebook by Margaret P. Battin

By Jan. 6th, please complete the following:

  • Read the introduction and chapter one of "Thinking Through Aesthetics."
  • Read the following article (as an introduction to your "Puzzles About Art" book) 1202VenableUsingroleplay.pdf

By Feb. 8th, please complete the following:

  • Read Ch. 2 "Aesthetic Theories and Philosophical Questions" in Stewart's book "Thinking Through Aesthetics."
  • Read Ch.1 in "Puzzles About Art" (which should also be helpful as you are writing your unit). Choose one of the cases to try out with a class.
Please find a time when we can meet via Skype to discuss these readings and the implications for your classroom.