Desktop Recording = Recording Yourself Teaching/Talking from Your Desktop
One the cool things you can do with your Wikispace is to do some instruction from your computer, clicking through the instruction or PowerPoint, recording it all with audio to a web 2.0 website, and then embedding that video capture back into your wiki.

A couple of cool uses of such a tool would be:
  • creating a virtual tour of your wikispace for visitors
  • capturing a lecture (eg, showing your PowerPoint slides and capturing yourself talking about the bullet points)
  • training someone how to use a piece of software, and then recording the process as you actually teach them

The beauty of creating a recording with a Web 2.0 application is that the video will be stored up online for review, sharing, or embedding, for as long as the service is available. Below you will find a variety of tools and samples of how you might do a desktop recording for your own wikispace.

NOTE: Arts Educator 2.0 Participants: You might consider using one of these tools for documenting your successes in the project. As you work through your PPDP or Unit Plan, you could create a PowerPoint to keep track of your successes. Then when you are finished with your PPDP or Unit Plan, you could simply record yourself talking through your PowerPoint slides, and then embed that video into your wiki as evidence of learning. Yet another cool way to make technology work for you!


Watch these videos to learn how to create a Screencast (kept online),

and how to export a Screencast (to your computer):


Getting started with Jing: Follow the link below to Jing's website where they have a full range of video tutorials on these topics:


PowerPoint's Narration Features



Wink is a program you download to record your actions on the desktop. A bit less instruction here on its use. Visit the website above for more details.