General Web 2.0 Resource Sites
Web 2.0 tools are web based applications. Below are some which would be valuable in the various arts areas. Please explore and add other ones you know about. Enjoy!

Go2Web2.0 - a site that has nothing but web 2.0 tools (many which you can embed in your wiki)
Kathy Schrock's Site - one of the web gurus. Search her site for more tools
What is Web 2.0? - a great article that explains the changes in the web
Wikipedia Definition - read more about what the collaborative read/write web is all about

Specific Web 2.0 Resources for Arts Educators

Looking for ways to add Web 2.0 content to your wiki? Just interested in finding cool ideas? This page will be devoted to items "of interest" to arts educators. Feel free to add items of your own. Try out some of the tools below. If you find one you think others should know about and try, feel free to use the discussion tab at the top of this page to post your raves (or rants) for others to read.

  • Animoto - upload and morph pictures into interesting slideshows with music or audio
  • Artsonia - a student art museum for showing visual art j works of others
  • ArtsEdge - Kennedy Center's website for resources and lessons
  • ArtSnacks Network - an online network for kids and teachers
  • AuthorSTREAM - share and embed your PowerPoints anywhere
  • Betty Spaghetti - fashion design for girls
  • Blabberize - make talking photos!
  • Bookr - create books from your Flickr photos
  • - a great brainstorming tool
  • BubbleShare - upload and display your pictures in embeddable frames
  • Clay Animator- walks you through the process of claymation or stop animation
  • Comic Sketch - an online comic maker
  • Cameroid - use your webcam to take photos online
  • Destination Modern Art - interactive art activities for kids
  • Dipity - makes timelines for your web page
  • eyejot - video mail - leave messages
  • Flickr - free online photosharing (and much more)
  • Fliggo - your own youtube!
  • Flowgram - Need a presentation that points to websites? Set this up and even record your voice over the 'slides.
  • Gabcast - phone in your audio files
  • - a visualization tool
  • Geogreeting - type words with photos taken from GoogleMaps
  • Gizmoz - an animation site, make an animated answering machine for your wiki
  • Gliffy - make flowcharts, diagrams, and more, and collaborate with others
  • Glogster - virtual interactive posters you can embed in your wiki
  • GoogleMaps - Artists at the Mattress Factory in Pittsburgh got folks from GoogleMaps to do their street view maps during a day when artists staged scenes along Sampsonia Way. See the actual map below!

    View Larger Map
  • Google Sketchup - - create 3D buildings and drawings
  • iBloks - create and share music
  • ImageChef- - create fun photo posters
  • Imageloop - create a slideshow from your images
  • Issuu - upload files, they're converted to online flash books that you can publish, share, and embed.
  • Jamglue- create and remix your music online
  • Jamstudio create you own original music
  • Karaokeparty- sing online and earn high points. Great for music classes!
  • Ksolo- Karaoke for the internet
  • K-12 Resources for Educators
  • Kerpoof- creative tools for animation, drawing, and movie creation
  • Letterpop - a Flickr mashup to make cool newsletters
  • ManyEyes - a data visualization tool that creates active word clouds, data charts
  • Mind42 - collaborative concept-mapping tool
  • Mixbook - create photobooks online
  • Mr. Picassohead - - create and share your own face designs in the style of Picasso
  • Muveemix- create movies with audio
  • Myebook - create ebooks online, complete with sound, images, text, video and more.
  • National Gallery of Art - enjoy these interactive art tools
  • Nayio- create your own music videos
  • Notaland - an online poster creation tool
  • Offtype - create online hand drawn pictures, save and share. Embed the widget to use on your site.
  • Off The Map - create backyard paradise scenes
  • Online Etch-A-Sketch just like the original!
  • Pencil- download and create pencil drawings draw online
  • Pianopedia - piano resources
  • PicTaps- draw a cartoon character and animate them instantly
  • Picturing America - a comprehensive collection of art throughout the decades of America. Interactive.
  • Pixlr- edit pictures easily
  • Pixton - Create your own cartoon characters, backgrounds, etc with this full featured web 2.0 tool. Then embed the cartoons into your wiki.

  • Presi - create a presentation that you can zoom in on for effect and creativity
  • Primary Music - fun interactive games
  • RockYou - a slideshow creator
  • Queeky - create art online and record your brushstrokes. Also build art collaboratively. Create your own image on a virtual canvas. Save it. Grab the embed code, and paste a video of your work into a wiki! Have a look the incredible sample below... click on the play button to watch the art be created.
  • SchoolTube- Like YouTube or TeacherTube but for your students!
  • Seesmic - record voice with images. Others can reply back to your work.
  • Showbeyond - tell stories on the web
  • Skype - call an artist either video or audio, anywhere in the world, for free
  • Slide - create embeddable slideshos
  • Sliderocket - an alernative to PowerPoint
  • Slideshare - upload and embed your PowerPoints into your wiki
  • Songsterr - sing and play the guitar online
  • SplashCast Media - embed media into your wiki
  • Splashup create pictures and edit photos online, just like Adobe Photoshop
  • Sumopaint - edit pictures online, so easy just like Photoshop
  • TuxPaint- download and install a free fun drawing application
  • UUorld - pronounced, 'world'. a data visualization tool
  • Voki - text to speech with your custom created avatar!
  • Virtual Legos - Play with Lego online
  • Voicethread- upload, edit and share your pictures, audio, video and images in interesting ways
  • Vuvox- creative slideshows and photo displays
  • Web Canvas - collaborative online drawing canvas
  • Wordle - make art from words
  • Xtranormal - create and display your own animated movies