Art & Music Unit Plans

In Year 1 of the Arts Educator 2.0 project, participants created unit plans utilizing the backwards design planning techniques made popular by authors Grant Wiggins and Jay McTigh. Below are links out to the completed unit plans. Enjoy!

Unit Plan Creator(s) & School Districtaa
Topic Title & Unit Link
Grade Level & Disciplineaa
Ann Cehula, Albert Gallatin SD
Mask making using Cultural Traditionsaa
8th, visual art
Kenneth Musko, Albert Gallatin SD
Using art/photography to document historic moments in time
10-12, digital photography
Sharon Sementa-Bunyan, Albert Gallatin SD
How cultural/society /history influence works of art or how art influences culture/society/history.
11-12, visual art
Bethany Hughes, Brownsville Area SD
Opera – Who likes this stuff anyway?
6-8, music
Tricia Rohlf, Brownsville Area SD
Using acting techniques and practices, student will teach and exhibit good citizenship and character.
9-12, English, Languages Arts 7 Drama
Randi Knizner, Carmichaels Area SD
What is Art?
5th, visual art
Elizabeth Gessner, Charleroi SD

A Natural Tendency for Music-Making

4th, music
Antonette Dues, Connellsville Area SD
Grafitti: Communicating Through the Arts
10-12, visual art
Jennifer Haun, Connellsville Area SD
9, visual art
Amanda Barber, Brenda Christeleit, Rachael Zenobi, Laurel Highlands SD
Local Colonial History through the Arts
4th, visual art & music
Diane Ader, Ringgold SD

Music and Emotions

7th, general music
Earl Gilpin, Ringgold SD, Tracey Gilpin, Washington SD
Modern Artists both influence & reflect the world
5th, visual art
Jason Mamajek, Ringgold SD
Flute Design and Construction
8th, technology education
Karen Spencer, Uniontown SD
Art in Our Celebrations and Ceremonies
5th, visual art
Aimee Vacanti, Uniontown SD
Visual Storytelling
7-9, visual art
Thomas Bryker, Washington SD
Technology and Creativity
9-12, visual art
David Dayton, Washington SD
Generation's Cultural Influences
9-12, music
Cindy Gregg, Washington SD
African-American Music
5th, music
Lorraine Kelly, Washington SD
Self Expression and Art
Any, visual art
Mark Poole, Washington SD
Advances in Technology
8th, vocal music
Michael Bruno, West Greene SD
Heritage Shaping
K-5, music