Works of Art (WOA)

WOA #1: 60 x 60

60 x 60 -
David Mourneau 60 x 365
David Mourneau 60 x 365
Contextual Resource 1
Contextual Resource 2
Contextual Resource 3
Contextual Resource 4 (Blog)
Contextual Resource 5 (Dance Project)
Contextual Resource 6 (Dance Project)

Line of Inquiry: How does 60 x 60 use elements of collaboration to engage us?

- Morning Key Questions

(Based on LOI)
The Work of Art Questions:
  1. What do you notice about the 60 x 60 performance?
  2. What do you see?
  3. What images did it evoke?
  4. What do you hear?
  5. What else did it make you think of?

- Afternoon Key Questions

(Based on LOI)
Contextual Information Questions:
  1. What are you curious about regarding the social, cultural, historical, biographical contexts of this work and the artist?
  2. What questions do you still have for the artists? (If David M. is willing to rotate between groups, we could do mini Q & A sessions with each of the CIG groups)
  3. How could we find out more about the work of art?
  4. What cultural associations/references does this work evoke?
  5. What social associations/references does this work evoke?
  6. What historical associations/references does this work evoke?
Personal/Curricular Connections Questions:
  1. What personal connections does this work of art evoke?
  2. What curricular connections does this work of art evoke?
Transition from Morning into Afternoon CIG activities (Relating work of art to collaborative inquiry group work):
  1. How does collaboration differ from cooperation? (dictionary definitions are generally more or less equivalent) (Think about 60 x 60).
  2. What qualifies as a collaboration? (is Wikipedia a collaboration in the same way that a work of art is when two artist collaborate face-to-face? and for that matter, does a family, city, nation or species qualify?)
  3. What are the defining principles or elements of this process? How does this relate to what we saw in the work of art this morning?
  4. What metaphors/symbols exist in the 60 x 60 Project? How do these relate to us in our CIG group?

WOA #2: Common Ground Quilt

- The Line of Inquiry

How are the visions of many collaborators shared in the quilt Common Ground to explore a common theme connected to their values and beliefs?
- Contextual Resources

- Schedule

(with Teaching Artist Cheryl Capezzuti)
  • 5 minutes-warm-up30 minutes guided viewing of Common Ground quilt
  • 30 minutes art-making activity, Creating a paper quilt. Each participant will have a square to work on.
  • 20 minute reflection

WOA #3: "The Embrace" (Attack Theatre)

WOA #4: Cello Fury

How does Cello Fury work collaboratively to create texture and create dynamic interplays to tell a story while also working to build and release tension?

WOA #5: Hip Hop Technology (The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame)

Review lines of inquiry from first 4 days. Focus specifically on the questions. What do you notice about them?

Open-ended questions - What are some of the pros and cons of using them in the classroom?

Design a line of inquiry based on the videoconference to be used in your classroom.