Welcome to Arts Educator 2.0!

If you are teaching in one of the 25 school districts located in Intermediate Unit One, you are eligible to participate in this project! If you are not an IU1 arts educator, you can still benefit from the work we will do here on this wikispace. Please contact the grant co-directors to find out how.

Year 2 Brochure

Year 1 Brochure

Arts Educator 2.0, Project Brochure (overview & contacts)

Here is a quick list of FAQ's about the "Arts Educator 2.0" grant:

  1. Who wrote the grant?
    This grant was collaboratively written by the grant co-directors, and more specifically as a collaborative project between Intermediate Unit One, and the PA Department of Education's office of Teaching, Learning and Assessment.
  2. What is the purpose of the grant?
    The purpose of this grant is to provide technology-enhanced professional development opportunities for arts educators in Washington, Greene, and Fayette Counties.
  3. When will the grant begin and end?
    The tentative date for our first kickoff event is Friday, October 17th, 2008, at Intermediate Unit One. Other dates are listed on the home page, and in on the calendar tab.
  4. How long will the grant last?
    The grant funding cycle is for three years, lasting from October 1, 2008 until September 30, 2011. Therefore our active work with participants will end no later than August 31, 2011.
  5. Who can participate in the grant?
    48 visual arts, music, dance or theater educators who currently work in one of the 25 school districts in Intermediate Unit One are eligible to participate.

    Specifically, the federal grant funds are earmarked for 24 teachers who work in economically disadvantaged schools (50% poverty rate or higher, therefore 24 participants will be selected from the following schools and districts:

    Total school districts
    which we determined met the criteria and may have arts educators apply to be included in the grant:
    Albert Gallatin, Fayette County, (9 schools)
    Brownsville, Fayette County, (5 schools)

    Connellsville Area, Fayette County, (11 schools)
    Southeastern Greene, Greene County, (2 schools)
    Uniontown Area, Fayette County, (8 schools)
    Washington, Washington County, (4 schools)

    Additionally, the following schools within districts were identified as meeting the criteria, and may have arts educators apply to be included in the grant:
    Carmichaels – Elementary Center
    Charleroi – Elementary Center
    Laurel Highlands, Clark, Hutchinson Elementary, Marshall Elementary

    Ringgold – Donora Elementary, and Carroll Middle
    Southeastern Greene – Kelly Elementary
    West Greene – Springhill-Freeport Elementary
  6. What is the benefit to me in participating in this grant?
    As a participant in "Arts Educator 2.0" you will become a part of an online community of practice, focused on learning to create units of study in the arts which are tied to state and national standards. You'll also be eligible to receive up to 3 continuing education credits from IU1. Your district will receive reimbursement to pay for a substitute to release you to participate in workshops. Additionally you may receive some learning materials and/or equipment as determined by the grant co-directors, to support your learning experiences.
  7. What work will I have to do as a participant in the grant?
    As an "Arts Educator 2.0" grant participant, you'll be expected to:
    a) attend several face-to-face meetings at Intermediate Unit One,
    b) meet with your assigned faculty facilitator and special interest group on a regular basis,
    c) complete a personal professional development plan for yourself (with your mentor),
    d) participate in ongoing activities as part of the online learning community here on this wikispace
    e) complete formative and summative evaluations of your learning
    f) keep evidence of your learning on a wiki to be evaluated by faculty and participants
  8. How can I apply to participate?
    To participate in this grant, you'll first need to contact your district administration to make sure that you have their permission and support to attend meetings. Secondly, you'll need to complete an online application. Click here to apply online.