Year 1 Materials

September 2008-May 2009
Below are archival materials created and utilized for Year 1 of the Arts Educator 2.0 Project.


Arts Educator 2.0 Participants and Faculty - 2008-2009
2008-09 Arts Educator 2.0 Leadership Team

CPE Course Materials

CPE Credits (an overview of the 2 CPE courses and how credits were issued)
Unit Plan Course (materials include: on-site agendas & links, webinars, and homework)
PPDP Course (materials include: PPDP template, guidelines and evaluation)
Book Groups (PPDP group discussion areas for books)
Professional Periodicals Discussion (PPDP group discussions area for periodicals)

Other Year 1 Materials

mini-grant (information and template for applying for your mini-grant)
Partner-grant (information about applying for a grant to utilize partner services)